A J-OOMMF workshop will be run during INTERMAG 2017. Sessions will take place on Monday 24th (1pm-4pm),
Tuesday 25th (4:30 pm – 6pm), and Thursday 27th (4:30 pm – 6pm).

OOMMF is likely the most widely used micromagnetic simulation package. In this workshop we provide a brief introduction to computational micromagnetics. We introduce and teach the use of a Python interface [1] to drive the OOMMF simulation package. At the beginning of the workshop, we provide a lecture style introduction, which is followed by practical exercises where attendees will have an opportunity to carry out small micromagnetic calculations, modify given examples and ask more specific questions. All participants are expected to bring their laptops. This project is a part of the Jupyter-OOMMF (OOMMF) activity in the OpenDreamKit [2] project and we acknowledge financial support from Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructures project (#676541). The work is also supported by the EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling EP/L015382/1, and the EPSRC grants EP/M022668/1 and EP/N032128/1.

We ask participants to register attendance in advance (by emailing jupyteroommf@gmail.com) so that installations instructions can be shared before the event, and attendees can arrive with the relevant software pre-installed as much as possible. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Marijan Beg and Hans Fangohr

University of Southampton


[1] https://github.com/joommf



[2] http://opendreamkit.org/