Important Information for Authors

Authors have the option to publish their digest that was accepted for the conference on the IEEE Xplore platform and/or submit a full-length manuscript for publication in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Publishing the digest on IEEE Xplore is independent from submitting a manuscript for publication in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Authors may choose to publish a digest, submit a manuscript, or both.

Digest publication on IEEE Xplore

To publish the digest on IEEE Xplore, authors will have to sign an electronic copyright form on the IEEE website. The corresponding authors of accepted digests will receive an email with the link where they should go to fill in the electronic copyright form. This email will be sent in February 2017. Only authors who have submitted electronic copyright forms will have their digests published on IEEE Xplore.

For digests published on IEEE Xplore during previous INTERMAG conferences, please visit

Manuscript submission

If your digest is accepted for presentation at the conference, you may contribute a paper for consideration for publication in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. The review standards will mirror those used for regular TMAG articles. The length of contributed papers should not be less than four (4) journal pages; invited papers should not be less than seven (7) pages. Although it is acceptable to send manuscripts longer than 4 and 7 pages respectively, it is likely that reviewers will reject a manuscript if it is a review or if the material is not presented concisely and clearly. Participation in the conference does not guarantee that a paper will be accepted for publication. One of the authors must present the paper at the conference in order for it to be eligible for publication.

Because of the time constraints, there will be no second round of reviews for papers that are initially rejected. In addition to at least two peer reviews per paper, the manuscripts will be ranked by the Intermag editors. In order not to exceed the Intermag page budget, some papers with two mildly positive reviews may be rejected. It is estimated that only one half of the submitted papers will be accepted for publication.

All manuscripts must be submitted via the IEEE web submission system, ScholarOne Manuscripts

Instructions and helpful tools how to prepare your manuscript can be found at

Questions regarding the details of submitting manuscripts on ScholarOne (not on the conference itself, no requests for extensions) may be sent to

After reviewing the instructions, authors may prepare their manuscripts using Word or LATEX. Templates are provided at

The deadline for manuscript submission is 10th March 2017. Post-deadline manuscripts, manuscripts with a smaller number of pages than the minimum allowed number of pages, or manuscripts that are not formatted according to the instructions presented on the website will not be accepted nor forwarded for review.