Conference Topics

1.Magneto-electronics: fundamentals and
applications (non-recording)

a. Giant magnetoresistance
b. Tunneling magnetoresistance
c. Spin transfer torque
d. Magnetoresistive and half-metallic materials
e. Complex oxides
f. Multiferroic materials
g. Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy and
h. Magnetic semiconductors
i. Spin Injection and transport: experiment
j. Spin Injection and transport: theory
k. Organic and carbon-based spin transport
l. Antiferromagnetic spintronics
m. Spin-orbitronics (spin-pumping, spin Hall, spin
n. MRAM, magnetic logic and devices
o. Skyrmions, domains, and domain wall devices

2.Magnetic recording

a. Recording media
b. Patterned media
c. Recording heads and materials (GMR, spinvalves,
MTJ, inductive heads etc.)
d. Recording physics, modelling, theory, testing
e. Head-disk interface and tribology
f. Recording systems, coding, servo, actuators
and channels
g. Energy assisted recording
h. Magneto-optic, hybrid and novel recording

3.Life sciences and applications

a. Bio- and chemical magnetism
b. Biomedical diagnostics and imaging
c. Biomedical therapies and nanomedicine

4.Sensors, MEMS, RF materials and devices

a. Magnetic field sensors (non-recording) and
b. Thin film inductors
c. Magnetoimpedance, high frequency materials
d. Magnetodynamics, ferromagnetic resonance
e. Microwave and millimeter wave materials and

5.Magnetization dynamics

a. Magnetization dynamics and damping
b. Magnonics
c. Domain wall, vortex, and skyrmion dynamics
d. Ultrafast and all-optical switching

6. Motors, generators, transformer, power devices

a. Electromagnetic compatibility
b. Transformers and inductors
c. Motors, generators and actuators
d. Power and control magnetics
e. Shielding, levitation and propulsion

7. Structured materials

a. Ultra-thin films and surface effects
b. Multilayer films and superlattices
c. Patterned films and elements (non-recording)
d. Magnetic clusters, nanoparticles and nanowires
e. 3D magnetic structures
f. Exchange bias

8. Functional magnetic materials and nonrecording applications

a. Magneto-optic materials and devices
b. Magneto-elastic materials and devices
c. Magneto-caloric materials and devices
d. Molecular, low-dimensional, and novel
magnetic materials
e. Magnetic fluids and separation

9. Soft magnetic materials

a. Crystalline, nanocrystalline and amorphous
b. Ferrites, garnets and other materials
c. Magneto-dielectric materials or meta-materials

10. Permanent magnet materials

a. Intermetallic and other hard magnets
b. Nanostructured and composite hard magnetic
c. Rare earth transition metal borides

11. Modeling and computational magnetism

a. Ab-initio and first principles calculations
b. Micromagnetics and multiscale modeling
c. Hysteresis modelling

12. Fundamental properties and interdisciplinary

a. Fundamental properties with relevance to
b. Superconductivity
c. Frustrated magnets
d. Artificial spin ice systems
e. Emerging topics

13. Microscopy, imaging and characterization

a. Magnetic & structural measurements and
b. Magnetic microscopy and imaging
c. Processing and characterization of materials in
high magnetic